Les séjours dans le désert à Bounou-Mhamid
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Visite du souk de M'Hamid

Musiciens & danseuses lors de nos animations

Our activities in the palm plantation


During your stay in the gardens of Bounou, you will be able to visit the souk of MHamid (Monday) or that of Tagounite (Thursday/Sunday). We also propose to you a meeting with the villagers around a mint tea. Regularly, we organize with singers and musicians of the palm plantation, musical evenings.

Inhabitants of Bounou in the heart of our activities

With its team, the gardens of Bounou are faithful to ethical rules such as equity, solidarity, ecology, the responsibility. The exchange between our visitors and the residents of the palm plantations is in the heart of our activities.

We offer for you and your children, various cultural exchange activities :

  • Introduction to the use of henna and beauty secrets,
  • Course calligraphy of Berber and Arabic languages,
  • Introduction to the Moroccan traditional kitchen,
  • Hammam and scrub,
  • Strolling in the palm plantation carriage pulled by a donkey,
  • Introduction to the art of palm leaves.

The stays fit in the respect of the culture of the Morrocans and in the interest of a fair distribution of the benefit. This complementary touristic activity contributes to economic development of the village. This source of income allows entire families to remain in the desert

An exchange with the school’s children of Bounou

The gardens of Bounou are located 50 meters from the school of the palm plantation. For families with children from 7 to 12 years, we propose a meeting at the school. We invite you to bring in your luggage: notebooks, pencils, kits, bags… Your children will give them themselves to the children of the school… before leaving to play with their new friends !

Our trips to the desert

The palm plantation of Bounou is located between the oasis of Ouled Driss and the border post of MHamid, 4 kilometers before the beginning of the Saharan tracks. The first sand dunes are a few meters of the gardens of Bounou. To discover or experience the desert, we propose several types of excursions :

  • Balad with dromedaries (2h00),
  • One night in the dunes of Erg Lihoudi (1 evening & 1 night),
  • A discovery of the desert (2 days & 1 night),
  • The Magic of the Sahara (3 days & 2 nights),
  • The Berber escape (4 days & 3 nights),
  • An excursion to the dunes of Chegaga (1 day &1 night).

For organizing tours in the desert, you can contact our partner :

 Tamounte Trekking

Dunes de Chegaga
At the gates of the desert, between Ouled Driss and M'Hamid, gardens of Bounou accommodate you in its guest house